Why you need to know about duplicate google my business listing

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Recently, there has been quite a buzz regarding duplicate Google My Business listing. Even lately I’ve have come across many individuals requesting or searching the internet on how to manage duplicate listings in Google My Business. Therefore this post is especially for those who desire to get a detailed overview of Google My Business listings.

Things To Know About Duplicate GMB listings

Before you begin, you have to see whether the listing is confirmed. If the listing has an “own this business” or “claim this business” choice, it is not presently confirmed. In the case of missing — there is nothing you can do until you get ownership or have it unsubstantiated (in case you’re the person who claims it in GMB).


If the locations on the two listings match? If the unverified duplicate has an indistinguishable address from the confirmed listing, you must contact Google My Business support and request them to combine the two listings.

If the locations don’t match, Then see whether the business used to be at that address sooner or later in time.

In the event that the business has never existed there:

Pull up the listing on Maps

Press “Recommend an alter”

Switch the flip adjacent to “Place is for all time shut” to Yes

Select “Never existed” as the reason and press submit. *Note: If there are reviews on the listing, you should transfer them before doing this.

In the event that the duplicate records an address that is an old address (they were there sooner or later, however, have moved)

  1. Service As Business:

Is the duplicate listing checked? If it is, you will initially need to get it unconfirmed or access it. Once you’ve done that, contact Google My Business and request that they combine the two listings.

In the case duplicate is not confirmed, you can have it expelled from Maps since service area territory organizations are not allowed on Google Maps. Google My Business permits them, however, any unconfirmed listing would take after Google Maps rules, not Google My Business. To expel it:

Pull up the listing on Maps

Press “Propose an alter”

Switch the flip alongside “Place is for all time shut” to Yes

Select “Private” as the reason and press submit.

  1. Practitioner Listings

Open confronting experts (specialists, legal counselors, dental practitioners, brokers, and so on.) are permitted their own listings isolate from the workplace they work for unless they’re the main open confronting proficient at that office. All things considered, they are viewed as a performance expert and there should be one listing, arranged as “Business Name: Professional Name.”

  1. Single Practitioner with two Listings

This is most likely one of the least demanding situations to settle since solo specialists are just expected to make them a list. In the event that you have a situation where there’s a listing for both the practice and the professional, you can request that Google My Business blend the two and it will consolidate the positioning quality of both. It will give you one listing with more surveys (if every individual listing had audits on it). The main situation where I don’t exhort consolidating the two is if your two listings both rank together and are hoarding two of the three spots in the 3-pack. This is the extremely rare case.

  1. Multiple Practitioner Listings

In the event that the business has different professionals, you are not ready to get these listings expelled or blended gave the expert still works there. Generally, I don’t recommend to create listing for specialists, they frequently exist as of now, leaving individuals to ponder what to do with them to shield them from contending with the listing for the practice.

A decent technique is to take a shot at having numerous listings rank If you have professionals that represent considerable authority in various things. Keep at the top of the priority list that if you will probably have three of your listings all rank for precisely the same on Google, therefore consuming the whole 3-pack, this is a farfetched procedure. Google has channels that shield a similar site from showing up too often in the outcomes and unless you’re in a truly specialty industry or market, it’s practically difficult to finish this.

  1. Practitioner Who work no longer

It’s normal to discover listings for specialists who never again work for your business yet did sooner or later. In the event that you keep running over a listing for a previous expert, you’ll need to contact Google My Business and request that they check the listing as moved to your work on the listing. It’s critical that you motivate them to move it to your office listing, not the business the specialist now works for (If they have been utilized somewhere else).

  1. Listing for Employees

In the event that you discover a listing for a non-open confronting worker, it shouldn’t exist on Maps. For instance: an office administrator of a law office, a paralegal, a hygienist, or a medical caretaker. You can get the listing evacuated:

Pull up the listing on Maps

Press “Recommend an alter”

Switch the flip next to “Place is for all time shut..” to Yes

Select “Never existed” as the reason and press submit.

  1. Listing Of Decreased Practitioners

This is dependably a horrendous situation to need to manage, however, I’ve kept running into heaps of situations where individuals don’t know how to dispose of listings for expired professionals. The arrangement is like what you would accomplish for somebody who has left the practice, with the exception of you need to include an extra stride. Since the listings are regularly checked and individuals, for the most part, don’t approach the expired individual’s Google account, you need to ensure you reveal to Google My Business bolster that the individual is perished and incorporate a connection to their tribute online so the bolster laborer can affirm you’re coming clean.

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