What Are The Basic Requirements For A Rental Computer Classroom?

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In every educational institution, computers become a prominent part of modern education. If your institution doesn’t have such a modern computer lab and you are looking for a rental computer classroom. Here we have a list of minimum requirements that you must look for in your computer rental classroom.

The basic equipment of Computer classroom

Let’s start with the smallest set. The local network is the main feature that distinguishes computer class from a simple class. Therefore, you can start with this:

  • Computers

Computers are the most important things and should be in the computer science lab. Therefore, while looking for a rental computer classroom, you must check your minimum system requirement. Their number must correspond to minimum needs.

Basic Characteristics

  • RAM should not less than 4Gb
  • A processor with at least 2 cores and a frequency of at least 1.6 GHz
  • The video card memory must be at least 512 Mb
  • The hard disk of any size
  • The presence of a USB – connector on the front side of the system unit (in the upper part)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • The diagonal of the monitor should at least 17 inches, liquid crystal.

It is not necessary to have expensive and high-performance components in the lab. But all components must be working smoothly and do not cause any interruption during learning.

  • Server – Teacher Computer

In the basic requirements of computer class, there is a great importance of the server computer or say a teacher’s computer. In the teacher’s computer, all server shared files are stored. In addition, a testing server, print server, and many more responsibilities lie on the main server computer. Therefore, this system must have quality components with high performance.

  • The local network

The next big thing is local networking. In the computer classroom, local networking is essential to connect the system and the host computer. Therefore, in your choose classroom, be sure that wires, sockets, connectors and everything must be properly connected to the local network.

  • Switch

Without switches, the computer cannot be connected. While selecting a room, always check it must have adequate numbers of outlets. It will help you to meet the increasing demand for systems and in case an emergency arises you can switch to another one. It also provides you room to connect additional equipment also.

  • Printer or MFP

A printer is needed not only in the computer class; it is indispensable everywhere. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about its necessity. It will be better if there will be an MFP (multifunction device) with a network interface. This will allow you to connect the MFP to the local network and provide scanning and printing from any computer in the classroom. So, always look for MFP in a rental classroom with good print speed and high performance.

  • Projector

The projector must-have a requirement in any computer class. If you donot find it in your class, it is advisable to immediately ask for projector installation to the service provider. It acts as wireless computer presenter. A projector on the ceiling is highly preferable as no one can move or take away. Before finalising a room, check whether it enables to work in daylight or not.

  • Power Supply

Your rental computer classroom must have a reliable power supply. All the above-mentioned devices can uninterrupted work with power backup in case of power failure. So, check out UPS availability that ensures your data safety.

Advanced Computer Class Equipment

Now, we will consider some additional equipment for the modern computer class.

  • Headset

It will be good if each computer is equipped with headphones. Additionally, a built-in microphone, adapters for various types of memory, and web cameras are also essential for modern classes. So, look for these options to get better results.

  • Studio microphone

The presence of a studio microphone will provide high-quality voice acting for video lessons, films, screencasts and webinars. I also recommend having a specialized stand for it, for a comfortable microphone location and reduce unnecessary knocks and vibrations.

  • Lapel microphone

If you are recording live training sessions or just want to record a lesson in audio or video format, then it cannot be possible without this device. The meaning of such a device is that the microphone will be located near the mouth, that significantly improves the quality of the recording. It’s best to have wireless microphones in a computer class, so you don’t mess with wires.

  • Web camera or IP camera

Using a webcam, you can conduct online webinars or record training videos. But the IP-camera will allow you to establish video surveillance in a computer class and discard the desire of attackers to take something with them. Of course, you can organize surveillance with a simple webcam, but that’s another story.

  • Interactive whiteboard

Using an interactive whiteboard, you can control items using your hand or pointer. This is the most expensive pleasure for any class. In my opinion, buying an interactive whiteboard is not financially justified.

  • EBooks

Each student’s workplace must be provided with a portable e-book. This will allow the use of electronic manuals in the lesson. E-books do not strain your eyesight and are very convenient in terms of reading.

For the rental training classroom, the choice of coloured or black and while ebooks can be beyond your scope, but if want to on your own. Look for black and white will be a great option. As it consumes less batter and has a low-cost.


Hoping the above requirement will help you to find the best classroom. With this keep in mind, while renting a classroom, first ensure what you need. As every additional requirement will affect your classroom renting budget. Hence, it’s better to make a list in advance to save yourself from overspending.

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