Ways to Improve Online Engagement with Visual Content

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Images and other visuals incorporated into a content have been proved to be really helpful in getting more likes and shares online.

Visual contents also attract more audiences and compel them to stay on a certain website longer than the usual. That’s why you need to read on the below tips on how to enhance your site and customer engagement using striking and effective visual contents.

1. Use images on your website’s blog for social media engagement.

One of the famous and effective mediums to engage your audience through content is publishing blog posts. But if you want to have a strong blog that is share-worthy and audience-engaging, you have to make sure that your blogs are shareable across all social media platforms.

Posts with visual content actually have higher engagements than text-only posts by 650%, this is according to webdam.com. Adding some images in your blog does not only give your audience a better grasp of your message but also enable them to have a better retention of the information that you are sharing.

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2. Allow your visual to speak for itself.

Most people do not like contents that are heavy on texts and for many, an image is more understandable.

Having a content rich in visuals can be very effective in relaying information swiftly and crisply. If you use appropriate photos instead of lengthy words, you can deliver more with less. In fact, your engagements can essentially increase by 60% if your posts are composed of 250 words or lower.

You can use various tools like BeFunky, PicMonkey, and Canva in creating attention-grabbing and eye-catching images. If you prefer GIFs, you can try LICEcap, CloudApp, and RecortIT. Recite is your go-to app if you want to create an image for a famous quote and Pixlr Express is the tool for you if you need to edit your images.

It will be best to let your splendid images speak for itself. Starting with an introductory sentence and adding a call to action in texts is workable but never forget to include images or a video to keep things exciting.

3. Reach to your audience on an emotional level.

People enjoy liking and commenting on posts that connect with them on an emotional level and visuals can certainly help you with that job.

There are actually visual elements that are associated with good or bad emotions like color, big words, texture, readability, shape, and even photo style. For instance, warm colors like yellow, red, and orange are more likely to attract good emotions like happiness and optimism. You can also use symmetrical elements to create a sense of order and asymmetrical elements to evoke chaos.

Your audience will surely be moved by your content once they relate to the same sentiments of your visuals. Once you hit the right notes and connect to them emotionally, you will definitely gain their trust and loyalty.

4. Ensure your images are relevant and in the correct size.

You might be tempted to use eye-catching or stunning photos in your content to attract your audience even if they are not really related to the rest of your page content. You need to avoid doing this as it can only confuse your audience. What you should do is find pictures that are genuine-looking and stick with the ones that will best suit and represent your brand’s personality.

Aside from being relevant, the images that you will use should have the correct size. Large images usually take longer to load, so you need to refrain from using such. If in case you will resize your image, ensure to do it properly to still present its optimum quality.

5. Ensure to get authorization for image usage.

Using your own visuals or hiring some professionals to create visuals for you are your best options but in case you cannot do such, you can get some free photos using Creative Commons licenses. Just choose carefully since there are images that you cannot modify or require you to give proper credit to the owner/photographer. There are also services such as iStockPhoto and Fotolia that you can buy licenses from at a small fee.

6. Use various kinds of visual content to attract different audiences.

Not all your audiences want the same so to cater and appeal to them all, you need to incorporate different types of visuals to your content such as pictures, GIFs, infographics, comics, videos, slideshows, memes, and many more. Once you get the response of your audience to each visual you post, you will be able to better understand what works with your audience or not.

Whatever you may choose to use, you will never go wrong with your visual content because they are extremely famous and globally used across all social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. And the tips above can absolutely help you in getting a clearer idea of how you can increase your audience engagement using visual content.

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