Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney

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In 2016, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1 million drivers arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and alcohol-impaired crashes in the same year resulted in an outstanding 28% of traffic fatalities.

Driving under the influence is one of the most common factors behind road crashes, and if you find yourself involved in a DUI accident, you will want an experienced DUI attorney on your side to represent you.

1. Experienced Attorneys Understand the System

DUI attorneys can navigate the courtroom and proceedings with ease, because after all, it is their job. DUI attorneys are up to par with the latest DUI laws, standards, rules, and requirements surrounding a drunk driving case, and when it comes to minimizing sentences or penalties, knowledge is power.

Many DUI attorneys offer free consultation, and with harsh consequences a possibility with DUIs, you will need an experienced legal hand to assist you. DUI attorneys take these types of cases on for a living, and their knowledge of the system is extraordinarilyvaluable.

2. A DUI Attorney Could Save You Money in the Long Run

Experience is key, and a DUI attorney that knows his or her way within the court system concerning this type of case, and can quickly evaluate the evidence surrounding your specific case. Reputable attorneys are familiar with DUI and substance laws and can efficiently analyze your case for strengths and weaknesses, resulting in a quicker trial and minimized time in the courtroom. This could mean the potential to save you some money but still have the benefit of a knowledgeable lawyer.

3. A Reputable DUI Attorney Could Get You a Lesser Sentence

The consequences of a DUI case vary, especially if this is not your first DUI offense. For first time offenders, prosecutors typically have a plea offer. But for this type of case, how much are you willing to risk without a reputable DUI attorney to represent you?

An established DUI attorney will have a history of successful DUI cases, some resulting in dismissals, and other with drastically reduced sentences. DUI cases as serious as they are complex, and a knowledgeable attorney has been there enough times to understand the current laws, standards, and regulations surrounding DUI cases to navigate them.

4. Your Case Could Result in Dismissal with an Experienced DUI Attorney

A good DUI attorney is well worth the hire, even if you may initially recoil at the price. This is especially true if your case goes to trial, you will want an attorney with immense, in-depth knowledge of DUI cases at your side. Your DUI attorney will be experienced in his or her ability to analyze and refute the prosecution’s argument against you and provide valuable evidence and strengths to your case. Your attorney’s work could result in the dismissal of the charges against you.

5. Experienced DUI Attorneys Could Have an In With the Prosecution

DUI attorneys and the opposing prosecution could have a friendly working relationship that may benefit your case. Often times, DUI attorneys and prosecution work alongside each other enough to negotiate based on their positive professional relationship. This is good news for you because it could mean reduced charges, a dismissal, and smaller penalties.

6. Minimize Your Court Time with a DUI Attorney

Hiring a private DUI attorney can mean less time you spend in the courtroom. DUIs are serious and stressful cases, and if hiring a DUI attorney who has understanding and skill for cases such as yours means spending less time in the intensity of a courtroom, then it is a beneficial choice to have one.

7. Your DUI Attorney Can Help Get Your License Back

Many DUI offenses result in the suspension or revoking of a driver’s license. A DUI attorney can serve as more than just someone to help you reduce your initial charges, your attorney can also work to assist you in getting back your license.

A DUI attorney can effectively and persuasively present your case to the state department of motor vehicles or bureau in an effort for you to have your license again.


8. A DUI Attorney Can Aid in Getting Your DUI Off the Record

All DUI cases differ and so do the results, as some go to trial, some are first time offenses, and others wind up with a license being revoked or suspended. Depending on your case and criminal history, a DUI attorney can lessen these consequences and sometimes get the DUI wiped from your record.

DUI’s follow you around and can be damaging to anyone’s reputation, but having it expunged with the help of a DUI attorney can be life changing, so it is in your best interest to hire one.

9. With a DUI Attorney, You Will Have Options

Maybe this particular DUI offense isn’t your first one, or perhaps you have a criminal record, either one, your DUI attorney is skilled enough to navigate your case to provide you with options. Without a DUI attorney, you could be left in the dark about the potential options available to you concerning your case.

The consequences do not have to mean jail time when you hire a DUI attorney. He or she will work with the judge and prosecution in order to provide you with the best results available. A skilled and experienced attorney can mean all the difference in the severity of charges.

10. Your DUI Attorney Might Know the Officer Involved

DUI attorneys are often familiar with the local police force and the working officers. Because of this, DUI attorneys have insider information on the backgrounds, records, and reputation of the local police officers.

For you, this means a potential in a reduced sentence of charges because of your DUI attorney’s working relationships and experience with arresting officers, and the possibility of gathering advantageous evidence for your case.

Driving under the influence is a crime in every state and the charges of a DUI case are dealt with in a criminal court of law. Don’t go to court without the best defense, hire an experienced DUI attorney today and a free consultation.

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