Top 10 Benefits of a Website

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Today, virtually everyone you meet, will in some way be connected to the internet in order to satisfy some kind of demand, whether it’s in education, entertainment, consumer needs or research. Because of the size of the internet today, it has made many business owners sit up, and demand their own presence in this space.

If you have a business, but don’t have a website, I can probably say, with some authority, that you are missing out on a whole pool of potential clients. There are a handful of benefits that come with having your own website, and that’s what I intend to highlight in this article:

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1.Business Credibility

If you have a website that is both user-friendly and professional looking, consumers will take notice and look upon your business more highly than businesses that do not have their own presence online, or have a poor one.

2. Save Money

Advertisements in magazines, papers and other offline mediums, generally cost a great deal of money, much more than you are likely to spend on online advertising, and these methods tend to be quite limited in their scope, in addition to its inflated costs. Even for those business owners that use a website as a sort of brochure, rather than a site that attracts customers, will see a significant cost saving, when they consider how much it would cost if they were to have these brochures printed out.

3. Increases Customers

Most businesses are able to attract customers within their local area, but what about those potential customers that live outside of your local area? Websites are capable of increasing your customer base, expanding your business, not just to areas outside of your city, but the entire world. The internet is a global community. With the right website, people will learn about your business from all areas of the globe.

4. Long Term Clients

Do you know the key difference between a customer and a client? A customer is someone that comes into your place of business and buys something, then leaves. A client is someone that regularly buys something from you. He or She is regularly patronising your service or products. When you have a website, it increases the chance of you gaining more clients.

5. Provides Information

You can setup your website to provide your customers with the information that they need. Most businesses out there only need an address, phone details and a business description. Whereas others may need photos, testimonials, and other detailed information, and if all this information is well put together, it can increase the level of confidence that others have in your business, offline.

When a website is well designed, it allows the visitor to quickly and easily move through your site to find the service or product information that interests them; far more effective than your typical printed brochure. The information on these sites can also be updated, allowing you to make changes, as and when they happen to your business.

6. Targeted Marketing

When you have an extensively well-planned out website, you can effectively target the audience that you desire. If you’re looking for a specific gender or age range to visit your line of products, then you can do that, providing your website is designed to cater to that demographic.

7. Always Available

When you have a website, your customers will have around-the-clock availability to your product and service information. When users are able to access your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it greatly increases the chances of you attracting new customers and clients.

8. Links

Links are an integral component of viral marketing. If many different websites link to your site, it’s the equivalent of your services being spread all over the world. If you have a nicely designed site, which provides the customer with products or service information, people are more likely to link to such a site; a link being a kind of endorsement.

9. Opportunity

With a website, you are given a platform to prove the credibility of your business. You can tell your customers why they should trust you, through your site. This should help you earn positive feedback for your products and services. Having a website also provides a perfect place for potential investors to look at your business, before determining whether or not they would like to work with you.

10. Fresh

The most intelligent business owners look to create a presence online, for their customers. When you have a blog, you can constantly update it with content, which will help to keep your business online presence fresh, while attracting new customers.



Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website