TheOneSpy Review – Best Spy Software for Personal Computers

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Do you know what makes spy software the best? The undetectable, secure and reasonably priced software with a broader range of features and trouble-free installation is certainly what everyone looks for. This is exactly how TheOneSpy is. The cross-platform spy software TheOneSpy is a reliable and feature-rich monitoring solution intended for parents and employers to keep tabs on the activities performed on computer devices by their children and workforce. The software is compatible with both Windows and MAC desktop computers and laptops.

The entrepreneurs can take the support of the software to monitor employee performance, prevent unproductive activities and protect company data. The parents can monitor their children’s computer use to safeguard them from the potential online dangers, malware, scammers, predators and sexually explicit content.

Features of TheOneSpy

There are scores of features that let the employers and parents monitor the computer use of employees and children. Once the app is successfully installed on their computer devices, you can monitor and control that device with the help of the given features.

Monitor Web Surfing Activities

The unsupervised internet access can have horrible impacts. The employers who do not bother to monitor their employees’ internet use can face a decrease in employee productivity and motivation to work. Majority of the employees use the company internet for audio and video streaming, online shopping and social media postings. Similarly, the teens and tweens can misuse the internet access and expose to objectionable content. TheOneSpy lets the end-user monitor target’s web surfing activities and provides detail on the time, date and frequency of visiting each website.

Website Filtering

The MAC monitoring app allows the businesses and families to control the internet access as well as monitoring the internet browsing history of the targeted computer. You can block the objectionable and unnecessary websites to prevent employees and family members from using the internet for unproductive purposes. Either you can enter the URL of the website or put keyword to block all the websites containing those words.

Theonespy Review

Email Monitoring

It is not just the official emails of your staff that need to be monitored but your kids’ personal emails should also be evaluated. The computer monitoring software allows parents and employers to check out all the received and sent Gmail emails of their concerning groups. You can read the content of the emails and can see who is the sender or receiver of these emails.

Keystroke Logging

The computer tracking software records all the strokes made on the keyboard of the targeted computer including the keystrokes of usernames, passwords, and email addresses. These keystrokes can be used to closely watch out the online accounts of children and workers.

Screen Recording

The spy app lets the end-user take screenshots and record screens to detect what the employees or children are doing or seeing on their computers. You can remotely send a command to the targeted computer to start screen recording in real-time. These screenshots and screen recordings can also be downloaded from the app account.

Monitor Surroundings

TheOneSpy computer tracking software enables the entrepreneurs to monitor their workers’ surroundings. You can remotely turn on the microphone and camera of the targeted computer to see and listen what is happening in the surrounding. You can send a command to your worker’s computer to capture photos, record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 60 seconds or record surrounding voices and sounds. It helps remotely listening to employees’ conversations and prevents workplace gossips and bullying. Meanwhile, it helps to identify the productive and unproductive workers and measure their productivity level.

Compatible Devices and OS

  • MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac running macOS version 10.5 to 10.12.
  • Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, LG and Acer running Windows OS version 7, 8 and 10


  • MAC monitoring solution costs around $25 per month.
  • Windows monitoring software costs around $20 per month and $50 per year.

These prices are subject to change from time to time. You can see the latest prices here.


TheOneSpy provides a complete and inexpensive monitoring solution to employers and parents. The employers can take advantage of this prolific computer software to keep their workers under surveillance. Parents can use the computer tracking solution to protect their adolescents from the cruelties of the adult world.

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