The Difference Between Dedicated Desks And Hot Desks

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If you are coworking in Australia or even looking for office space, then you have already heard about the workspace’s benefits. Coworking has been around for years, but in this current incarnation, it is probably very difficult to recognize the workstyle because it has so evolved to encompass small communities within the larger business community. The plan is flexible and very versatile allowing start-ups a lot of flexibility in using the space.

The key element to this style of workspace is the ability to set social interaction as the background to the work that takes place in the space. The paths through which much of this work gets completed are the dedicated desk and the hot desk. The prospective members can rent a dedicated desk or hot desk on a month-to-month membership while gaining access to valuable amenities. While they both occupy the same space, the dedicated and hot desks have some very basic differences.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between dedicated desks and hot desks.

Function In The Space

One significant difference between the two workspaces is their function within the workspace. The dedicated desk is a private desk space within the coworking community that is set apart from the shared workstations. The desk is a permanent space that is available to only the person that rents the space.

The hot desk, conversely, is a shared workstation that is rented by members on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hot desks can be arranged to seat four people or they can be arranged in a bank of seating that seats a lot of professionals. The hot desk is probably the more popular of the seating arrangement simply because it is a platform for networking.

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A Cost Comparison

 Depending on the coworking space, there can be a very big difference in cost. Dedicated desks are more expensive because they are private space designated for one person to use. While there are many benefits to using the dedicated desk, using a dedicated desk can help you remain focused in a place where it is easy to get off-task.

The hot desk, alternatively, is shared workspace, and because there are no assigned seats, the costs are much lower than when leasing a dedicated desk. In some coworking spaces, the cost to lease desk space can be as low as $15 a day. It really is one of the cheapest ways to lease desk space.

The Benefits

 The benefits of leasing the dedicated desk primarily relate to the privacy that it affords businesses. Then, the dedicated desk provides a distraction-free environment in which to work. Finally, having access to desk space regardless of the time or day is priceless, especially when there is a lot of work to do.

The hot desk, alternatively, is a stage to interact and make friends. The space’s primary benefit is that it pretty much sets the platform for making establishing business relationships. Ultimately, if starting with the hot desk, professionals have the opportunity to work on several teams in the space.

The Amenities

The perks that come with both the dedicated and the hot desk are similar. You have access to all of the amenities that you would find in a normal office. Some office plans provide more vouchers for those using the dedicated desk as opposed to the hot desk, but the plans usually include more perks outside the standard office supplies.

Dedicated Desks Versus Hot Desk

 There are really great advantages to both workspaces, but it all depends on the work style of the person. Those who are more productive in private space might benefit from the dedicated desk, and conversely, those who thrive in a very social work environment find the hot desk a great option. Coworking provides businesses with a valuable platform for raising their profile given both options.