Startup Growing Pains Getting Off The Ground

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Startups face numerous problems in the initial stage, and the most significant issue that every startup has to face is to get their business found online so they can sell product and services.

Spreading a word about the business is the most complicated bit that a startup has to face. Marketing is the weapon through which the businesses make their customers aware of who they are what they sell and expand their reach.

Since the startups are new to the marketing world, you can use a number of online marketing tools for small business owners to help your startup get found and build your online presence. At the same time, startups need to set themselves apart from the competition to establish their individual brand identity by making the use of strong marketing and branding practices.

In this modern era, the marketing mix not only consists of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, etc. but the businesses need to include search engine optimization, social media management, and email marketing to their marketing mix strategies since these add up to great marketing efforts.

Great Marketing Assists Your Customers To Feel Smart

Building a website is the most important step that startups need to follow before they make themselves a part of the business world. Sites are the first place that the customers will visit to gather detailed information about your business; who you are and what you offer.

Every entrepreneur dreams of having traffic to their website, but for that one has to make sure that your site has an appropriate presence on all the digital media channels including social media and all search engines. This is where the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes.

SEO studies how the various search engines like Google handpicks the pages to include in their results and uses that data to augment a web page for that search engine to serve the best results to their users. SEO assists the startups in gaining exposure and helps them in increasing their visibility in various search engines like Google, Bing, and even social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

Following is the list provided consisting of the SEO tips and methods that the startups need to conform to stand out in the current cut-throat competition:

Register With Google And Other Popular Webmaster Tools

Once you develop the website, the very first step that you must follow is to register with Google and the other search engines. The reason to do the same is to inform search engines about your website and to notify about the various updates made or the new content posted.

Web Master tools assist the startups in letting them know about the information that the various search engines are aware of your website. The web Analytics tool would allow the startups to see the information about their users and the way their users interact with their website. This would further assist the startups in providing a much better and improved user experience by modifying the site contains the way their users wish to interact.

The information includes the keywords searched, the traffic created on the website, no. of users that interacted, etc.

Delivering SEO Friendly Content

Writing valuable content is associated with producing the content the audience needs, and that can be easily read by all the search engines so that the users are able to find your content easily. While writing the content, there are several points that one should keep in mind:

  • Make keywords the part of titles and headlines.
  • Always try to keep your content updated or post new content from time to time.
  • Always remember that the audience prefers quality over quantity. Quality content would make the users still to make them share.

Build A Following On Social Media

Social media marketing performs a vital role in fostering your business and snowballing the awareness of your product or service.

Associating your business to the various social media platforms would help you to broaden your circle by connecting with your users further asking them to share your content with their family and friends by sharing it on their profiles. The social media platforms recommended using are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Generally, startups have a tendency to create fancy websites that consist of various images, videos, etc. The major problem associated with these websites is that they take a considerable amount of time to load and are not easily understood by Search engines.

The simpler websites lead to a much enhanced and improved experience.

Grow Your Startup And Reach Your Goals!

Starting out can be tough, but if you follow the above tips you will be able to grow your online presence and drive more sales. Focus on the needs of your customers with SEO marketing and a strong social media presence and you will be able to reach your goals with great content and a strong online presence!