Professional Presents – 5 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love

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Branded corporate gifts are the easiest ways to say thank you to your clients for their business. The gifts you give them don’t have to be expensive; they simply need to be practical. In business, time is of the essence, so if your gift can help them get through their daily tasks faster, you’ll make an impact. Pick a gift from our short list and get corporate gift giving right every time.

1. Large Capacity USB Devices

A USB device is used to store files or upload data to any computer or laptop. There are various sized USB devices but some companies give USB devices with smaller storage space. You can be different. Remember images and video sizes are a lot bigger & require more storage space than text files. Gifting a USB device with a 16GB to 30GB storage capacity will be something your clients will find useful in carrying large important files with them.

USB Devices

2. Versatile Pens

Some people are always in need of pens because in a business there are usually documents to sign and notes to write. So what if you could give your clients a pen that can do more than just write notes and sign contracts?

There are pens on the market that have more than one feature, such as an integrated recording device or even a USB drive. Gifting your clients with a product that can do more than one task is always something you should opt for. It shows you can think outside the box, which is something they may look for the next time they’re looking for a supplier or business partner.

3. Branded Power Banks

These days many people travel for work or work remotely and some people don’t have charging points in their office spaces. This creates challenges especially when they need their cellphones for business. You can provide the solution: a power bank is a device that charges your phone without the use of electricity.

Giving a power bank to your clients can help them charge their cellphones anytime and anywhere. This also comes in handy when there’s a power outage and each time they take it out they’ll see your logo.

4. Audio Devices

Listening to music or even podcasts while working can boost productivity and your overall mood. So what better gift to give your clients than an MP4 player? Your clients can listen to all their favorite tracks while getting the job done or play music at work functions via the auxiliary connection which can be plugged into a set of speakers.

5. Duffle Bags for Business Trips

Another practical gift you can give to your clients is a branded duffle bag. You’ll provide your clients with stylish bags for their travels. The bonus: you’ll promote your company to outside people with your branding wherever the bags go. This can bring in new business from outside sources so be sure to add your company’s contact details on the bag.

Man Holding Duffle Bag

Make an Impact—In Business Each Decision Counts

Giving your clients generic gifts is an excellent way of thanking them but giving them practical gifts is even better. You don’t want to provide a gift that’s going to collect dust in the cupboard or end up in the trash. Be relevant to their daily tasks—being thoughtful communicates how much you care for them.

So, will you provide items based on quality and practicality or will you give them generic items they can’t use? Pick the former and build your brand.