People-Management Trends that Will Impact the Workplace in 2019

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Employee management has emerged as a top area of focus for business in the U.A.E. With noticeable trends in the workplace such as the increasing adoption of technology and innovative workforce management strategies; employers can now focus on keeping the workforce happy, engaged and at their level best. Therefore, 2019 is the year we will see organizations in the U.A.E position themselves for growth.

Trends in the Workplace Set to Impact Business in 2019

Here are some of the top people-management trends in the workplace you should pay attention to in 2019:

Performance Management

Work and performance assessment have to always go hand in hand with the business goals. Unfortunately, majority of the business in the U.A.E are still employing outdated management techniques. Employers in these organizations are still using performance evaluation forms that really don’t have any impact on the workplace. However, there is hope for the future as a new breed of businesses is turning to data to inform their decisions. This up and coming trend in the workplace has led to a considerable increase in the adoption of data-driven performance management systems. In 2019, this trend is projected to grow even more. This is because employees and managers in the business now have a clear understanding of how their contributions impact the overall business performance.

Diversifying Diversity

U.A.E has slowly but surely opened its doors to foreign investors and employees. This has led to a more diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace. Studies have shown that diversity leads to a workforce that is more innovative and creative in their work. What’s more, the business benefits of such trends in the workplace are becoming more understood in this part of the world.

In 2019, surveys show that businesses have to increase the pace of diversity if they are to achieve genuine results. At this point, you are probably wondering: What accounts for the relationship between diversity and engagement? Trust is the answer. An inclusive culture effortlessly promotes trust in a business.

Another diversity trend in the workplace is the covering of more demographics by widening terms of reference. This is achieved by diversifying diversity, meaning your business should consider hiring special groups like the Aboriginal and people living with disabilities.

Continuous Learning

The world, U.A.E included, is facing a rapid shift in technological advancements. Many Organizations in the U.A.E have already begun incorporating artificial intelligence, automation and augmented reality into their workplaces. Balancing automation is among the trends in the workplace set to impact business in 2019. Despite the ongoing myth that such trends in the workplace will lead to elimination of jobs, the need for skilled people in AI and automation to operate, use and advance these technologies will remain significant in the foreseeable future.

In 2019, we expect a spike in the number of organizations investing in the future of employees by offering learning experiences across multiple devices, with mobile devices being given more focus. In this way, the organization builds trust and royalty as well as increases its retention rate.

Employer Branding

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Reputation management has long been ignored by most business, but workplaces will begin to exercise more control over customer perception. Businesses are set to move from merely monitoring their online representation to guiding employer brand in the direction they desire. Common trends in the workplace that involve employer branding include software integration and the philosophy of tit for tat. Companies are craving more optimized software to handle low-level functions. The tit for tat philosophy means that a company should be willing to give in order to receive. Business with such trends in the workplace build a culture based around the values and needs of their workforce.

Development of Employees for Future Leadership Positions

One of the most noticeable trends in the workplace is that businesses are now thinking long-term. Gone are the days of ‘the future will take care of itself’. Companies are targeting people to take over leadership roles. This is done by training employees on leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Once they are trained, the employer can now target a workforce with the necessary leadership potential. An even better way is the training of new employees to become future leaders and managers by providing mentors to guide them. Improving the leadership development program in your business is a trend every business should tap to have an agile workforce that is ready to evolve.

Recruitment of Technology

In 2019, one of the trends in the workplace that is set to streamline the hiring of people is the use of modern recruitment management systems. Business can no longer afford to employ outdated strategies as the competition is becoming tougher. Projected 2019 trends in the workplace show that businesses will spend more money on technology for recruiting, wellness, performance management, training and engagement. Modern recruiting software can assist companies in optimization and targeting. This means the software will do the work hence saving the recruiters time. It will enable businesses drive productivity and innovation by honing in on places they are most likely to find their next big hire.

The Bottom Line

These people-management trends in the workplace give a clear indication of where U.A.E businesses are heading. Organizations with these trends in mind are now ready to ride the 2019 business wave.

Having considered this, where would you place your organization?