But … Does Google really care about SEO writing?

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Reading ” How to write for the web “, by Guillermo Franco, one wonders if all this effort we make for the writing of SEO content makes some sense. I mean, does Google care about how we write?

It seems logical that, within those 200 factors that are discussed that Google takes into account when classifying the search results, the texts, and their form, have some importance. However, it is difficult to say what the real weight is in relation to other factors.

David A. Vise, in his book, explains textually:

“(…) Google’s search engine took into account more factors than any other search engine in the market. Not only did he have words or links, but he combined this information about links and words with other variables, in new and interesting ways that produced better search results. For example, Sergey Brin commented that it was important if the words or phrases were together or separated , what size was their typeface, whether it was uppercase or lowercase … “

According to this, it is clear that words matter, and a lot. The use of the inverted pyramid, due to the hierarchical exercise that is carried out in its construction, ends up placing the words that define the text as close as possible. About what is the same. This helps search engines understand and classify content more accurately.

Deepening more. It is interesting to analyze the work done in seomoz , where, 37 experts in SEO, rated from 1 to 5 the most important factors that Google takes into account when classifying search results.

Among all of them, Guillermo Franco, has selected those that have to do with SEO writing :

Use of keywords in the text

Definition: Use the search term in the visible HTML of the
Rating page : 3,7 – High importance

Relationship of text body content with keywords

Definition: Relevance of the subject of the text of the page compared with the keywords
Qualification: 3,4 – High importance.

Bold keyword

Rating: 2.3 – Moderate importance.

Use of keywords in the title of the tag

Definition: Place the search term or phrase in the title of the tag in the header of the HTML page.
Qualification. 4,9 – Extreme Importance.

I would like to include some of the opinions of the biggest SEO experts that appear in the aforementioned study.

” The tag title has consistently been the most important SEO factor in the past few years,” Andy Hagans .

” If you only have time to do a single SEO action on your website, take time to create good titles,” Christine Churchill

” Not only is it one of the best opportunities to impact the rankings, it is undoubtedly the best opportunity to convert someone who does a search on a visitor” , Elizabeth Osmeloski

” Taking it to the extreme, you can delete a ranking site … but, if the site is well developed, and the titles seem more descriptive titles in the style of a newspaper than explicit SEO, it helps a lot. (…) Many people link the documents by their official names. In this way, the title acts as an anchor text to ‘viralize’ the content “, Aaron Wall

” If I had to choose a single aspect to change / optimize a page, it would be the tag title , Mike McDonald

” Probably one of the most important factors in determining the ranking”, Jim Whalen .

” I have rarely found a site with well developed titles throughout the website. The most underrated aspect: the importance of a web-wide strategy to maximize the coverage of keywords, to clarify differences between similar pages … “, Caveman

Well, after this, it seems clear that the SEO copywriting is important to Google , right? So:

  • You have to write using inverted pyramid techniques
  • You have to use keywords in the text in a “natural” way
  • The use of bold is not too important . Maybe more for reading the initial scan of visitors to your page.
  • The contents have to contextualize the keywords
  • You have to be extremely careful in the writing strategy of titles

We hope, as always, that these tips will help you in an essay that serves to be found, read and believed …

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