Budget Friendly Marketing Plans for Small Business

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Good marketing is one of the stepping stones to build a successful business. Now good marketing doesn’t always mean it has to be very expensive. You can develop good marketing plans with creativity and research. Here are some budget-friendly marketing ideas for your small business.

Keep your existing customers happy

Happy customers will be the best source of free publicity for your business. Good services, good products, etc. are important, but the most important thing is building a great customer service team. Everyone is selling the same kind of products, but how they treat their customers is what makes them different.

Nowadays buyers don’t like to do business with companies which do not have pre or post customer services. Having a customer service team is a necessity for building trustworthy relationships.

With the rise of the Internet before buying anything, people are habituated of looking up everything about it on the internet. So don’t hesitate to ask the customers for reviews or testimonials. There will be both positive and negative reviews, make sure you always revert back to all of them. You might not get back the unhappy customer but other people reading it will realize that your company cares about their customers. Use Google Alerts so that whenever anyone posts reviews you can instantly reply back.

Word of mouth is still very powerful so don’t hesitate your customers to ask for referrals. Give them some brownie points or discount coupons for every new customer they bring. This will keep them also happy and your work is also done.

Make use of technology to handle your existing customers. Using order management softwares for your small business can help you manage your customers and orders in a better manner.

Web Presence is essential

Owning and maintaining a website is a very simple task these days. Having a website for your business makes you available to the customers 24 X 7. Even if your website is just about what you sell and who are there owners, it should be there as it creates your space in the local searches at least.

Content marketing is a new way to reach your customer’s mind. You can try Blogging to showcase your knowledge regarding the business you are running. Post interesting articles on your website like guides, tips, and tricks, latest trends to bring more traffic and increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Content marketing is not limited to just blogging, you can create instructional videos, podcasts, etc. Instructional videos like how-to or DIY videos are gaining popularity as people love learning new things and doing them on their own.

Social Media is not anymore about just connecting with your friends. Owning a small business account on all prominent social media websites is a must for every kind of business. Instagram is a very good platform for businesses that are more photograph oriented. Post enticing photographs to gain followers.

Facebook and Google Ads are powerful ad targeting engines and not very expensive at the same time. LinkedIn can be used to connect with potential buyers and promoting content, creative ideas.

Don’t use social media just to market your products, use it to engage with your customers. Many times customers post their complaints or message on social media, help them, try to resolve their queries. Hold contests like lucky draws. Ask your followers to tag their friends in posts, or upload their picture with your product, leave a comment like why they like your product and randomly choose winners. The gifts don’t need to be expensive, all you need to do is make your accounts interesting with good content and engaging activities, only then people will keep following you.

Partnering with social media influencers helps to reach out to a new customer base. Give them free services or promotional products and ask them to post their reviews. All these things will help you build a good brand name without expensive investments.

Participate in online forums. It is a good way to interact with potential business partners and buyers. But don’t blow your own horn there. Instead, take part in discussions, share your opinions, assist people by giving solutions give your expertise. Doing all this will advertise your brand on its own.

Joint Ventures

Strategic alliances and teamwork have always brought better profits. Attend networking events and build new relationships with other businesses that target the same set of customers but are not your direct competitors. Partnering will help you increase your visibility, without any cost you will be introduced to a new audience.

Let’s suppose you own a restaurant business. Pair up with a gift shop and salon. For a special occasion like Mother’s day introduce a gift voucher where at discounted rates offer a meal at the restaurant, then a gift from the gift shop and relaxing time at the salon.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good way to keep in touch with current customers and at the same time retarget customers and reduce abandoned shopping carts. Sending too many promotional emails will lead them to the junk box. Instead, send them engaging content that they cannot ignore. Productive content like instructional videos and good content writing pieces will help to capture the interest of your customers.

Email newsletters are a good way of making one time buyers your loyal customers. Make your customer feel that they are getting best deals for a limited time by offering discount coupons via emails. Send alerts about the best sellers going out of stock or heavy discounts on some new launches that they might be waiting for eagerly, or wishlisted products getting out of stock, this scarcity will create the need to buy.

Bottom line, broaden your horizons

You need to be always at the top of mind of your customer. So think like a customer, what do they want, what do they expect, and come up with creative ideas. There is no limit or a rule book about how you can sell better. Just follow the market trends, be creative and don’t hesitate to try out new methods. It is not always that the more you spend the better, you have to think out of the box, find what suits your business and make it the best.