Best Practices to Convert Business Videos While Preserving Their Quality

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Most businesses nowadays need to produce and distribute videos – whether it is by publishing them online or transferring them to the relevant parties in other ways. In fact in many cases businesses may have to convert the format of videos to ensure they are compatible, optimized, or compressed.

If you’re going to be managing videos on that scale and converting them between formats, you need to make sure you take steps to preserve the quality of your business videos. The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t careful converting the format of your videos can affect their quality.

That is why there are several best practices that you should make it a point of adhering to:

Store the original video – separately

The original version of your video is the highest quality version of it that you have available, and you should always store it. Ideally it should be stored separate from your other videos, so that you don’t accidentally delete or lose it.

Think of the original video as your ‘fallback’ that you can use in case anything affects the quality of any other version of your business videos.

Video Editing

Convert videos to different formats using the original as the source

If and when you want to convert a business video to a different format, you should always go back to the original video and use it as the source. That is because every time you transcode a video’s format some data is lost in the process, and over time that can add up.

In other words if you keep converting the format of your business videos using versions that were already converted in the past – the quality will gradually deteriorate. Initially you may not notice the difference, but eventually it will start to show.

Do not alter the video frame rate unless necessary

From time to time you may want to optimize your videos when you convert them, by downscaling the resolution and lowering the bitrate corresponding. Although that is fine, the one setting that you should try to avoid altering is the video frame rate.

Unlike the other settings, altering the video frame rate can have more of an impact on your video. When you lower the frame rate some frames are removed – and that can cause it to look uneven at certain points.

In short if you can avoid adjusting the frame rate – you should.

Make sure the format has hardware support

The format that you convert your business videos to should ideally have hardware support on the device or platform it is going to be viewed on. Without hardware support the device may end up relying on a software decoder which is processor-intensive and will consume a lot of power.

As you can imagine that can affect the quality of your video during playback as the device may not be able to cope with it – especially if it is a high quality video. On top of that if watched on mobile devices it could drain the battery quickly.

Use two-pass encoding when converting the video

If you want to retain the best quality when you convert your video, you should always use two-pass encoding (also known as multi-pass encoding). If you do the converter will first analyze the data in the video, and then use the data it collects to make sure the quality is preserved when the video is converted.

Make no mistake two-pass encoding is slower, but it is a better approach if you want to preserve the video quality.

It should be easy enough to follow each of the best practices listed above with any video converter for Windows or Mac. For example if you’re looking for a way to convert your business videos you could try Movavi Video Converter.

As you may have noticed the best practices listed above will help you to not only make sure the converted video’s quality is good, but it will help you preserve the overall quality of the business video in the long term as well. That is crucial, as you never know when you may need to use the video again or convert it to yet another format.