Befitting Cities for Entrepreneurs to Grow Business and Raise Family

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The life of an entrepreneur is very challenging and living in a nonbusiness friendly city can make it even more awful. They always look for a place where standard living amenities are available so they don’t have to worry about the pick and drop of children from school or wasting time in finding out the best education institution in another city. An entrepreneur wants to invest his maximum time and energy in his business, but also want to see his family enjoying a satisfied life. We have jotted down a list of five best cities for entrepreneurs which offers maximum business opportunities, peace, and luxurious living facilities.

1. Dubai    

The lavish city of ultra-rich people is a dreamland for wealthy entrepreneurs. New town like Burj Royale that is the last residential building in Dubai and Downtown offer lucrative deals for young entrepreneurs who want to settle down with their families. Downtown and “The Needle” are the two magnificent projects of Emaar Builders which are second to none in amenities, architecture, and outer views. Remember, The Needle is the tallest building which is expected to exceed 2,716ft and will complete in 2020.


2. Switzerland

Switzerland is the favorite place of tourists and offers immense business opportunities. Koch de Gooreynd, the economic expert says that tax was the only reason for young entrepreneurs to visit Switzerland. Now, it has become just a minor reason as the city offers a number of lifestyles, liberty to live on your way, top educational institutions, and safe haven in Europe.  The city welcomes millions of tourists every year and entrepreneurs can boost their business and increase the investment chances. The best part of Switzerland is the proximity to other important countries such as Geneva and Zung which are the hubs of entrepreneurs.


3. Vienna

In the report released by property agents Kinght Frank, Vienna is managed to make its place in the best cities for entrepreneurs. The author of the report Alex Koch terms multicultural lifestyle financial services, rich industry, and business friendly amenities the reason for the distinguished position of Vienna in the list. The city of music offers a tax break to new residents which help them to settle down different things while the annual health care is $9,196. Shopping malls, superstores, and airport are just 11 miles from the center of the city.


4. Luxembourg City

The old city is an ideal place for both retires and young entrepreneurs and ranked top in most lists. However, the prices of the property are a bit higher due to the increased demand. The construction of new houses and residential places is underway while the annual raise in property is 5.1 percent and current petrol rate is $1.27 per liter. English is the widely spoken language which is also being taught in schools. In the international school situated in Luxembourg, students can learn French, Luxembourgish, and German. The strong professional culture, hub of jobs, and low tax regime are some other benefits of the city.

Luxembourg City

5. Vancouver

Vancouver is the well-connected city to the rest of world and has amazing business prospects. A few years ago, it’s was not known by Asian and Middle East entrepreneurs, but the latest increased popularity has also raised the property rates. 24.5% annual increase has observed in 2015 and the petrol price is 0.84% per liter which is far less than the price in European countries. However, in the coming years, the prices are expected to increase 10 percent annually which is anticipated in a Savills Report. The amenities include international class restaurants, schools, airport, and a cappuccino costs $4.25.