7 Tips for Small Businesses to Use Mobile Apps & Grow Exponentially

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Competition in business is no longer an offline play, but rather a more online-centric fight. Small businesses need to focus on their online presence more because most of the competition is eccentric. Having a mobile-friendly website is not enough; they need to develop mobile applications as well. It simply helps in connecting with on-the-go customers & employees. It enables the business to enhance customer loyalty and increase customer retention. There is no perfect mobile App Startup Business Plan, you just need to start soon and execute your marketing & sales objectives on it, to achieve greater results.

The following are some of the mobile applications which can help small and medium businesses to grow at a faster pace:

  1. Mobile Geo-tagging

Mobile Apps with geo-tagging feature helps you to target key users with location-specific and time sensitive messages, e.g. businesses can send special offers to customers who are in close proximity to the stores. It will improve their chances of visiting the store because the offers will play as an amazing attraction and reminder.

It will allow small businesses to effectively spend their marketing budget by specifically targeting existing & potential customers; narrowing their focus and displaying targeted ads at the right time & place. When geo-tagging is combined with text messages, users can receive alerts for special sales and discounts to incentivize them to visit the store. Special text messages make them feel special and are the perfect tool to leverage exclusivity & scarcity.

  1. Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs

Mobile apps can have loyalty rewards program for their loyal customers like when a user downloads the app, he gets early bird specials, exclusive deals, and many other attractions. Customer surveys can be very helpful to understand what types of rewards the customers prefer to make it more effective. This survey not just helps with valuable information about the customer, but also allows the business to target the customers in a better fashion. The rewards make the customer feel appreciated and valued; increasing engagement and revenue.

Loyalty programs are not something new. Earlier, there were punch cards for loyal customers to avail additional benefits, but their popularity couldn’t reach heights because of the hassles of keeping a card safe and always with you. Mobile apps loyalty programs enable the customer to always have the e-punch card on him and utilize it to avail the many benefits.

Loyalty programs do not only depend on purchases for customers, but they can also be integrated with social media promotions i.e. ask customers to give the brand a shout-out in return for points and special discounts. There can be discounts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to make the customers feel special and loved.

Definitely a better punch card!

  1. Mobile Scheduling & Reminders

Service businesses can utilize mobile apps to allow customers to sign up or make appointments for classes via their mobile phones. Text messages can then be used to confirm appointments or send reminders.

  1. Mobile Payments

Save paper and conserve the environment!

Businesses can leverage the technology to save the environment by enabling financial transactions via mobile phones. Mobile Payment solutions even remove the need to swipe credit cards. It allows the user to use their smartphone as a credit/ debit card or directly use different online wallets to make payments, just by tapping a single button. It saves time, adds convenience to the whole experience and removes the need for bulky registers by systematically arranging all the transactions with date, time, amount, balance and payee’s name.

Mobile data can be integrated with other mobile apps to feed the transactions records straight to other parts of the business like marketing apps and accounting apps; making the whole process streamlined and smooth.

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  1. Mobile Communication & Collaboration

Connectivity and communication are keys to the success of businesses. Communication apps are not just good for customers, but also for the internal management of the business. Such apps enable team collaborations and prioritization of projects; allowing you to interact with each other, share documents and information, all in one place with everyone.

Document sharing helps in a better management of projects because there are options like private folders, team folders and shared folders, with the ability to access everything on the smartphone app. It removes the need for obsolete technology like VPN connection or dedicated shared drives.

  1. Mobile Customer Service

Mobiles apps are also used to help the customers in a better fashion by responding to queries & complaints immediately, to keep the reputation of the business positive. Customers can use the mobile app to complain or ask about anything they want, whenever they want and customer care executive can access those communications from anywhere and respond immediately; making the whole process, extremely quick and effective.

These apps allow the business to enable customer review 24*7, which leaves a positive brand image on the users. It comes in handy during emergencies and in improving the functionality of the business towards a more customer-centric approach.

  1. Mobile Sales Support & CRM

Mobile apps give businesses a wide range of capabilities when it comes to mobile CRM (customer relationship management). Businesses can keep a track of contacts, organizations, tasks, projects, and emails within the mobile app. This removes the need to write down important information on paper (which tends to get misplaced most of the times) or trust your memory (which also never results in a positive manner).

Keeping a stash of business cards is an obsolete way of keeping professional relationships. Adding a scanned copy of business cards and other important information within the mobile app, help you to keep everything in a more systematic outlook. You can easily surf the app to find relevant information whenever you wish to, in a smoother and quicker manner. It helps the sales team to better manage the customers and an effective CRM always results in an increment in sales.

Hurry Up

The above benefits show that small businesses can leverage mobile apps to reach to new heights real soon. The technicalities of development and design are not too hard to understand. It is not difficult to find a trusted mobile app development company nowadays. The world is shifting towards the Digital Era.

You should too, before it is too late!