5 Tips To Marketing Your Medical Business

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Gone are the days when marketing for your companies and organizations means putting an ad in the newspaper or local magazine. Today, we have social media and it’s no longer just a marketing tool for organizations. Every major brand is putting actively planning around their social activity. So why is the healthcare industry lagging behind?

In one area, it could be trying to comprehend what social media really is and how it can be integrated with our current healthcare marketing. Another could be fare of how it might affect patient privacy. So how do you think you can become more comfortable with marketing your business to potential patients? There are a few tips I’d love to share with you on how to get your company to the right people.


Image: iMedX

  1. Set Goals – Decide on who you’d like to market too. Learn about who your current patients are. Ask your patients how they found you to gain some insight on deciding the process of potential patients. From here, set up a strategy where you can spend a little time posting online and monitoring your posting. A great way to set goals is looking up relevant or exciting information about your company to start discussion or a presence with your audience. One company that does a great job in this is iMedX. This is a transcription technology solutions company that is already ranked number 2 according to Black Book Research!
  2. Engage With Your Audience– Once you feel as if you’re having an online presence, keep engaging with your potential patients. In order to really be successful, engagement is key! Like other people’s posts in your field and comment on their images or their posts. When someone comments or asks a question, be sure to respond just as you would if an email occurred. For optimal engagement, post regularly anywhere from either to one to four times a day.


Image: iMedX

  1. Behind The Scenes– One feature that is a great tool to use for your business is Instagram, specifically the stories section. This is a great way to share some behind the scenes that could be going on with your business. Where do meetings take place? What’s it like to clean tools? Share videos that patients might not see like a tooth drilling or a pre-surgery scrub. iMedX shares webinars to stay up with current CPT coding changes happening this year which helps not only their patience but employees as well.
  2. Don’t Become Overwhelmed – By reaching new customers via online it doesn’t require really any special skill. You just don’t want to be overwhelmed by the options or complex appearance of what you’re doing! Focus on two or three big things to talk about during that week. Don’t become discouraged if only a few people see your posts. It takes a lot of time to gain a good presence with your audience.
  3. Think Local– Make sure that when you are targeting people, you think of where you are located. SEO and keywords are a must too! In some cases, using tools such as Google keyword tools can help find what your personal customers are searching for. Look for keywords that work with your field such as “dental cleaning” or “medical transcriptionist in Iowa”. This not only helps target a service offer but a particular location. It also wouldn’t hurt to create a small Google business page to help you solidify your presence within your community.

With effort, time and patience, your online presence will grow to gain attraction and the patience your medical business needs and wants. Marketing in a healthcare practice has enormous potential to positively influence and reputation health of the practice.  Marketing requires more resources including money, time and personal practice and it’s an ongoing enterprise. Take advantage of all you can learn about marketing on all your social media platforms, take notes on what might be working and what you may need to change to grow organically. So think about your business and how you can make an impact on them. What is something your business can offer them that others can’t? How can you make it easier for them to contact you, connect with you and make a lifelong commitment to you and your practice? Hopefully these tips will help you in making sure your business thrives.