5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Brand’s Mascot Costume

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Having an excited mascot in a bright, colourful costume is an excellent way to get people to notice your business. Not only can it help your brand reach new demographics, it can make your brand more personable to your audience. However, this is only the case once you have successfully designed a mascot that is functional, fun, and practical. To do this, you have to consider a few different things during the design process of creating your mascot.

1. Think About What Inspires Your Brand

To create a base idea for what you want your mascot to be, you need to think about what inspires your brand and business. A brand that is more focused on paying a tribute to someone or something, is going to have a very different mascot than a brand that is focused on supporting local agriculture. By giving some hard and heavy thought to what inspires your brand, you should be able to start moving in the direction of shaping your mascot.

2. Think About Your Brand’s Target Audience

Just as different inspirations are going to result in different mascot designs, different audiences will have different mascots as well. A mascot for a young children’s game is going to be extremely different than a mascot for a sports gym. Thinking about what your target audience is interested in, does, and loves is crucial to making sure that you nail your brand’s mascot design. This is especially the case when you are working with character costume plans specifically. You will want to make sure that your costume is one that suits your brand’s purposes wonderfully.

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3. Think About What Your Brand Is Communicating

Some brands try to communicate a specific point. For example, a brand that is focused on bringing awareness of agricultural problems to young kids is going to need a mascot that is relatable and fun, but is also related to agriculture in a way that these young kids can understand easily. When you are coming up with your character costume for your brand, you will need to think about what your brand is trying to convey. When you put this together with all the other things that you need to think about, you should be able to have a much more solid visualisation of what your brand’s mascot should be.

4. Think About What Your Brand’s Mascot Will Be Doing

Of course, it is a lot of fun to come up with the overall look and design a mascot for your brand. However, as much fun as it might be to design the mascot, you also have to think about practicality and functionality within the character costume. What is the mascot going to be doing? Sometimes, mascots are only there for meet and greets and to entertain the children who find the mascot engaging. Other times, mascots are there to dance around, garnering attention in the busy, bustling city crowds.

What’s important is that you ensure the costume for your mascot is able to handle the tasks and actions it has been assigned. For instance, if your mascot has massive wings, it might make for an excellent mascot for more passive activities, but such a cumbersome design can become problematic for more energetic activities. Finding the right fit will be ideal.

5. Think About What Your Team Wants

The final thing that you will need to consider during the process is what everyone else thinks of the mascot. Designing a mascot is generally not a solo task. More often than not, when you are coming up with a mascot for your brand, you will be working with a team of people from all different areas who can help you out. If your team doesn’t like the mascot, then you should ask why and strive to improve the mascot. After all, a mascot that is beloved by employees and customers alike is going to do better than any other type of mascot.

In conclusion, most of what you have to think about when creating the character costume of your mascot is how accurately your mascot portrays the brand’s purpose and services. While this is no simple task, it is one that will make your brand’s mascot incredible and memorable to those who see it. Keep these tips in mind to create a successful mascot costume for your brand.