5 Areas Your Start-up Should Outsource Now

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Gone are the days when outsourcing in the Philippine setting meant hiring security guards, salespeople, and cleaners from an agency. Local outsourcers and freelancers are increasingly performing functions that were once exclusively within the domain of internal teams.

It’s isn’t all about reducing costs either. Many local businesses have turned to local outsourcers simply because they are able to perform better in areas where internal teams that may not necessarily have a lot of experience.

This is especially notable among local tech start-ups. Foreign companies and start-ups have long recognized the potential of the Philippine labor force. In an article written for the Harvard Business Review, Filipino start-up Oliver Segovia founder noted, “As a start-up founder, my biggest competitors in the talent market are no longer the local family conglomerates. They’re tech companies from the U.S., Germany, Singapore, and Japan coming to the Philippines.”

Larger companies have been somewhat slow to catch onto capabilities of the local labor market. However, a number of local start-ups are now leveraging the experience gained by local freelancers and outsourcers from working for overseas businesses in order to gain an edge in markets that are just emerging in the Philippines.

Sites like Smalljobs.ph, make it incredibly easy for local start-ups and other small businesses to enjoy capabilities of having a larger, more experienced team without having to expend resources on training, equipment, and other labor costs. The ability to gain access to people with experience dealing with companies that operate on a global scale also makes hiring local outsourcers especially attractive in the context of today’s highly-competitive start-up scene.

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Here are some areas your start-up should definitely consider outsourcing today.

Media production

Unless your business specializes in this kind of work, you will tend to get better results by hiring professional photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and sound production specialists. While many local entrepreneurs may balk at the idea of actually paying any kind of money for this kind of work, to begin with, we should all realize just how much value good media production can deliver to a start-up by making it appear to be more professional.  Investing in good production early on can easily help your business gain the credibility it needs to take it to the next level.


Ensuring that your supply chain runs smoothly and on time is no easy task. It can also mean life or death for many businesses, especially in this fast-paced world. Virtually all parts of your logistics chain can be outsourced, particularly the easily repeatable parts such as delivery. Going with a professional service in this area can help a start-up achieve service levels it wouldn’t otherwise be able to manage, helping it compete with much larger competitors

Personal assistants

The minutiae of balancing your personal and professional life can start to take up more and more of your time and mental energy as your business expands. This can be truer if you’re involved in more than one business or several other projects at the same time. Outsourcing a personal assistant during these peak periods of activity can help you conserve this precious time and energy and help you focus on making the big decisions that can grow your business.

Accounting and payroll

Accounting and payroll errors are a fact of life for start-ups that don’t have ready access to professional accountants and bookkeepers. These errors can have serious legal ramifications down the line and prevent you from having an accurate picture of the overall state of your business.  Thanks to sites like Smalljobs.ph, even single proprietor businesses can have quick access to professional accountants and bookkeepers ensuring that these often-complicated processes are handled accurately and on time.

Content creation

It’s a fact of life that content marketing is now an important part of establishing a serious online and offline presence for any brand. However, developing and creating content and ensuring the right people get to read it is very involved and specialized work that not every start-up has the time or expertise to do properly. Content creation, however, is easier than ever, with experienced writers easily available for virtually all types of writing tasks.

These are just some of the areas you should consider outsourcing. Check out Smalljobs.ph for more small (and big) jobs you can have done today.