How vLogging Has Shaped Content Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce Businesses

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E-commerce businesses and marketers have been finding new ways to optimise their marketing strategy and what better way to capture target audience attention than video content. Not only are videos powerful tools used to communicate and engage, in a way, with the target audience, but also they help increase brand awareness and visibility.

Video blogging, or more commonly known as vlogs, have gained traction as a low-cost marketing strategy that communicates with consumers without directly appearing to be selling. About 61% of businesses are now using vlogs as part of their marketing tool.

But what are vlogs?

In a nutshell, vlogs, short for video blogs, are blogs containing video, usually of someone directly speaking to the camera about any topic possible under the sun.

Others define vlogs as frequently producing and publishing video content on a channel, on social media or even on an owned website. The key term here is “frequent.” This means website content is kept fresh, up to date and relevant, therefore constantly engaging with followers or consumers.

Why bother using vlogs when there are blogs?

Let’s face it—People readily respond to a combined visual and auditory stimulus. Videos help harness this opportunity by reaching and communicating the business’ brand and defining its image to the target audience and not appearing to be too much of a sales pitch.

Since both consumers and e-commerce businesses are on mobile, video sharing has become easier than ever. In fact, 91% of mobile users admit to sharing videos they find interesting. This means businesses are able to spread brand awareness to a larger pool of consumers.

Are vlogs better than blogs?

Not necessarily. Vlogs and blogs, or video and written content, serve various purposes for each content marketing strategy. The key here is determining when to use vlog and blog and balancing out both based on market demographic, product or service and the business’ metrics.

Benefits of using vlogs in e-commerce business

  • Cost-efficient content marketing strategy

Vlogs are affordable means that could help small or start-up e-commerce businesses grow. This strategy is also a cost-effective approach to standing out against competitors.

  • Helps improve SEO business campaign

Since videos can be easily uploaded on YouTube and be shared on social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, etc., it generates social engagement and shares that are all good for SEO. Traffic generated from links attached to the videos will increase web ranking on Google SERP.

  • Vlogs humanises the brand and helps develop consumer trust

Vlogs are avenues for CEOs and business owners to directly communicate with the target audience and consumers, developing rapport and consumer trust. CEOs and business owners can directly address issues pertaining to products and services the company offers. This way, people are able to see the faces behind the business, making it more personal for them. This also leads to consumer trust, which they do not give out easily.


  • Vlogs are easily digestible

Videos are more inclined on the entertainment end, therefore more engaging. Also, consumers are able to digest information from videos in two senses, the hearing and sight.

  • Sharing expertise

Vlogs are means for business owners to share their expertise that could lead to building a community of consumers or followers who truly trust your expertise. This helps build brand image and your reputation as company’s leader.

Also, this increases chances of networking with other vloggers to guest blog on your channel, giving you the opportunity to widen your reach and generate leads in the process.


Although video blogs are still new, they are here to stay and are continually growing. So, businesses must also adapt and improve their content marketing London strategy to appeal to the increasing needs of 21st-century consumers. Further, the greatest advantage of vlogs is that these videos don’t require massive amounts of investment and has minimal risks. So, it is high time for you to include a vlog or two on your web design to reap the benefits of this low-cost strategy.


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