Take These Steps To Drive Conversions

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In order to grow your revenue, it is important to convert the leads into paying customers. Every business tries to convert the leads in order to grow their business and to reach out to a wider audience. Here are steps you need to take in order to drive conversions.

  1. Product copy: Your customer will make a decision to buy a product based on the photo and the description that goes with it. The description should not be a general product description; it should help you achieve the purpose of convincing the customer to buy your product. It should provide a list of benefits of using the product and it should have a tone that reflects the brand and appeals to the target audience. The product description should have a persuasive tone and should be very unique. Compelling product descriptions should have a tone that will make the sale.
  2. Catchy images: When you are selling your products online, you need to feature high-quality images to build visibility. The images should enable conversations and increase the search visibility. Consumers make the decision to purchase a product based on the product images, hence, pay attention to the same. Take pictures from every angle and use optimized images to avoid site speed penalties.
  3. Interesting videos: Videos can make a significant difference to your product pages. It is helpful because it will showcase how the product is used and how it will benefit the customer. Videos also allow you to showcase user-generated content that not only lifts conversions but also adds social interaction.
  4. Free Shipping: Majority consumers abandon the shopping cart due to the shipping costs. They do not anticipate the high shipping cost and end up leaving the card when they notice the costs. Some brands try to convert the customers by offering free shipping. This is the best way to reduce cart abandonment to some degree.
  5. Build trust: Consumers will only buy from you if you can win their trust. You need to guarantee them that their data is safe and secure. Provide your contact details to them and list certifications you hold. Offer a live chat interface for consumers to contact you at any hour of the day.
  6. Multiple Payment Options: Every consumer looks forward to a quick checkout and easy payment options. If you provide multiple payment options, the customers are more likely to buy the product from you.
  7. Call to Action: Ensure that your consumers do not need to hunt for the button to check out or add to cart. If they do, they will consider twice before making the purchase and may leave the product. Create a product page which will life conversions and do not assume that every call to action will lead to success. Make the button larger and easily visible, personalize the call to action and use actionable words that provoke the user to click.
  8. Seamless checkout: In order to maximize the conversions, you need to ensure that the process of checkout experience is quick and simple. This ideally starts on the product page. Make it easier for the customer to move from the product to check out and follow a three-part checkout process. Once they check out, add a continue shopping button to enable them to buy more.
  9. Social Proof: Social proof is important for every type of business. It will have an influence on the conversion process. It has been noted that products with a positive review are sold faster than products with average reviews. The positive reviews should not only praise the quality of the product but also the customer service and delivery time. Negative reviews should not be considered as a deal breaker either. Give your customers a voice to share their option.
  10. Upsells: Most of the times the online retailers tag customers in the cart and offer related products during the checkout process. Brick and mortar stores follow the same strategy; they give you a chance to grab something quickly without giving much thought to it. However, consumers may decide to research the item before purchasing it.

If you do The 10 Things All Product Pages Need to Drive Conversions, you will notice a significant difference in the sales and conversion ratio. With the right steps, you will also be able to gain customer loyalty and enjoy positive feedback through their shopping experience. Pay attention to every detail and try to look at it from the customer’s point of view.