Must Have Software for New Business Owners

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As a new business owner there are so many things to think about and a never-ending to-do list so any kind of software which can make life easier feels like it’s heaven-sent. From accounting software to make the books easier, to project management software to keep track of clients, the good news is there are lots of options available to ease the business owner’s burden.

As well as software that helps take the pressure off, there are also software apps which can help support the business and provide useful information about customers and sales, such as Google Analytics which provides data about your website traffic.

Computer Monitor With Different Software

Here is our round-up of must-have software for new business owners:

Google Analytics

You need to know if people are visiting your website or not, where they come from and if it’s actually resonating with your target audience. Google Analytics is a free software tool which gives you all the information you need regarding your website traffic.


Dropbox is a great way to store documents and other files online which you can then share easily with other users so as a new business you can use Dropbox to easily share work with your clients, rather than trying to send huge emails. It also means you can access your files from anywhere as it is cloud-based.


MailChimp is a great email tool which allows you to send out newsletters, create templates and manage email lists so you can send out vital information to all of your customers and keep in touch with any potential customers for your new business.

Crunch Accounting Software

This accounting software is specially designed for small businesses and makes keeping track of your spending and income very easy. The tool makes it easy to send and track invoices, as well as handling expenses and much more. Crunch offer a great piece of software for the new business owner, alongside their own accounting services.


Software which enables you to email documents to people which need a signature instead of them having to print and scan them. SignNow allows for electronic signatures meaning far less paper and much more convenience.


Skype means you won’t have to spend a fortune on phone bills and can connect with clients around the world without huge expense. You can also use it for conference calls and sharing documents if you need to explain anything to clients.


As a new business you need a domain and a host for your new website and GoDaddy is a great place to find your domain – you can also create your website with them using templates and tools if you want to with great results. The also provide excellent support and are an ideal solution for a new business without a huge marketing budget.


If you are looking for a way to publicise your business then try HARO – Help A Reporter Out – it’s a service which links up companies with stories to journalists looking for stories so could save a fortune on PR.


If you need to create a new website for your new business and don’t have a huge budget then Wix could be an ideal solution. It’s based on drag and drop templates allowing you to create beautiful websites even if you have no technical knowledge about web design.


WordPress is a free blogging platform so if you are creating a blog for your new business then this is one tool you can’t do without. It comes with many plugins and gadgets to allow you to personalise your blog style and you can even make your full website on WordPress as well.


Time is always a challenge when running a new business so Hootsuite can really help as it allows you to create a load of social media content in advance and then schedule all the posts so your social media channels are automatically updated without you having to worry about it.


If you need to send very large files across to clients, for example, images or videos, then WeTransfer is a great way to do it instead of crashing your email system. WeTransfer is free and allows you to upload and send large files to other email recipients, who then download the file directly from WeTransfer at their end.

There are many software tools which can make life easier for new business owners so don’t struggle with tasks which can be easily automated or carried out online. If there is something which you can’t do or is taking up too much time, just do some research and you will no doubt be able to find some kind of software solution.