In Sync And Up To Date: Here Are 4 Of The Best Ways To Communicate Policy Changes In Your Company

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The rules and regulations of the world are changing all the times, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. The chances are that you’ve had to change the policies in your business from time to time, but how can you make sure they’re all communicated effectively across the board?

If you’ve got dozens of people working for in various departments (if not more), how can you make sure that everyone gets the message and knows that the policy has changed for whatever reason, perhaps regarding safety, or perhaps a legal concern?

Today, we’re going to explore four ways you can effectively communicate policy change to all the employees within your company, ensuring you provide everyone with the information you need to get things right the first time around.

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Be Clear & Concise

This is perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to remember when applying policy changes within your company. You need to make sure you’re telling them exactly what’s changing and how it will affect your employees on an individual level.

In some cases, some changes will affect different departments in different ways, so you might like to break everyone down into groups, as well as giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they want to ask so they can gain absolute clarity.

Promote Change

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is; there are going to be people who work with you that despise the very idea of change and will be very reluctant to accept that something is changing. However, as the boss, it’s important that you make it clear that change is always going to happen in the world of business.

Change is nothing new, and everybody and everything goes through it at some point. However, for things to be successful, you need to remember to keep your team positive and optimistic about change and willing to embrace it.

Using Software Control

Perhaps the most effective way to communicate policy changes within your company accurately is by using policy management software, such as Sword Achiever, to help you manage the distribution of information within your organization.

Using software like this, you’ll be able to keep track of all the policies and changes within your business, who’s been told about the changes and you’ll be able to keep track of different versions. This is so much more effective than tracking your changes manually and a highly recommended approach.

Provide Information Quickly Yet Accurately

When you start issuing policy changes, you’ll want to make sure that you get through to everyone as quickly as possible. Of course, it’s vital that you maintain accuracy in your information, but momentum is important.

This is because employees will have the ability to talk to one another, some having heard the changes and some not. This can create a ‘Chinese whisper’ effect, where the message becomes confusing for certain people and can cause problems in the long-term. A sense of urgency is vital to your success.


When you’re changing a policy within your company, it can be a hard time for everyone involved if it’s not carried out and distributed in the right way. Make sure you’re communicating clearly with every single one of your employees, and make sure everybody has absolute clarity and maximum positivity.