Forget Boring Classrooms: Here Are 3 Types of Online Courses You’re Actually Going to Want to Watch

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Learning, training and re-skilling are hot topics right now. It’s important to stay relevant for your job, and it’s important to keep your employees at the right level of competence too. Rewind 25 years and you have a world where the internet is some foreign, alien creation still unfamiliar to most people. Even those familiar with it would tell you it was just a bunch of text pages and low quality images. There weren’t many services provided, and things like video streaming and broadband hadn’t even been imagined yet.

In those days, the way you learned new skills was to take time away from work and get into a classroom. Here you would have a teacher and class-mates, just like in school, and would go through your materials day-by-day until you could take the test and gain your qualification. There were hours of classroom time, homework assignments and revision time, as well as that tense classroom examination environment.

These days you can instead avoid all of that hassle and learn at your own pace. Thanks to the internet we can now use online courses and save massive amounts of time and money. The problem is, how do you know which course is actually worth it? Which ones can teach you actual skills and give you useful qualifications? Let’s take a look.

Studying Online Courses

1. T. Training Courses

IT skills are one of the most important skillsets to have nowadays. Almost every job will involve using a computer, tablet or phone at some point – and let’s face it, even modern phones are pretty much mini-computers. IT skills are very useful both at work and in peoples’ personal lives. Additionally they transfer across virtually every field and upskilling in one micro area of I.T. will often have relevance to other areas within I.T., making you exponentially more skilled.

The key here is to find IT training so good you actually WANT to watch it. The skills are easy enough to teach and video is a great way to demonstrate as well, allowing students to simply follow along with their teachers. Furthermore this is an area where remote capabilities are amazing and very useful. The combination of remote access and the use of virtual machines have taken online I.T. courses far beyond what free videos will show you.

2. Financial Management Courses

This is an area many people feel should be taught in school. Financial management is important in your own life, and absolutely vital for a business to get right. There are different tiers of course available depending on whether you’re looking at personal management or business management. The two differ considerably though there is some cross-over, so having a solid base in personal finance management is a good start to handling business finances.

These courses tend to be very simple to explain. The hard work tends to be in actually implementing the strategies and sticking to them. It will need a touch of discipline to do, but in the long run you’ll be grateful to have gone down this route. By choosing the online route you have ready access to any information and can refer back whenever you like too, which is an advantage over old-school classroom learning.

3. Psychology Courses

Psychology courses are useful in a variety of ways. Many business leaders, salesmen and managers study psychology to maintain a competitive edge – or to become better at handling people. Others study it to become better at understanding and dealing with people. Psychology is a deep subject which can be explained well using tools such as video an articles.

Overall a good knowledge of psychology helps you in many ways. It helps you to understand people better, to understand their desires and motivations. It allows you to interact and influence more effectively, and even to predict people’s reactions. Over time this skillset can teach you to read reactions and responses, allowing you a certain degree of control over interactions. Obviously these skills are massively useful in many areas of life. A lot of starter psych courses are easy to understand and access, and they are suitable for complete beginners/newcomers. From there you can layer up your knowledge at your own pace, and even choose which areas of psychology to focus on – it’s an incredibly wide subject!