All Set for Success: 3 Reasons Network Monitoring is Essential to Your Business

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Network monitoring in the short definition refers to a computer network that uses a system to constantly monitor it for any slow or failing programs, notifying the administrator when a preset issue occurs.  In a business, this monitoring is essential to keeping your information secure.

Any time you use a wide area network (WAN), a local area network (LAN), or any network-intensive applications, you are setting your company’s information up to be exposed to threats or potential problems with performance issues.  As your company grows, these threats and issues can become more and more dangerous to the success of your business, and as the use of the internet continues to become intrinsic to everyday life, government laws change all of the time regarding your obligations to how you monitor your company’s security.

Investing in network monitoring and configuration management software to ensure your business’s security and performance can benefit you in many ways, including saving you time and money, and ensuring that you are following the legal requirements for business owners before you end up faced with a hefty fine or a major security breach.

Your Network Monitoring Software Tracks Your Entire Network

In the day-to-day focus of growing your business, it’s easy to lose track of the small stuff while you expand.  Adding little things like an iPad or a phone to your network may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause a security breach of epic proportions if they are not monitored in how they are used.  Virus protection is not enough – you need to be aware of who is accessing your sensitive information.

Network monitoring software provides an easy to understand live network map of every connected device, helping you to see how your network is set up at any given time.  When someone is attempting to access something they should not be, you are alerted, or they are restricted, before it can become a problem.

You Can Monitor Your Network From Anywhere

Whether you are at home or on vacation in the Swiss Alps, if you have an internet connection you can see what is going on back at your business.  Remote access makes it possible for you to receive an alert in the event of a critical network issue so you can stay on top of the problem until it is resolved.

You can also preset an alert to notify you if any problems happen that you have designated as an area of interest, ensuring that anything that you are concerned about back home does not affect your ability to enjoy your time away from the office.

Troubleshooting Becomes a Breeze

Performance issues happen all the time, but pinpointing the cause of them can be difficult and time-consuming.  Network monitoring makes the detection of problem areas simple by using maps to show the performance status of all of the connected devices.

These maps take inventory of every device and everything connected to those devices, so visualizing problems that will occur when one area is not working correctly is much simpler.  The days of not knowing why there is no internet are over – one glance at the map and you know exactly where the trouble is stemming from and you can get it fixed quickly.

Many network monitoring programs can be customized to send email, SMS or other alerts and alarms when a state change occurs, helping you to solve an issue before it becomes a problem.  The right program is an extension of your business and should work seamlessly with your current routines and applications.

Take Control of Your Business’s Security

A good network monitoring program allows you to have complete visibility of what is going on in your work company.  You should be able to instantly see how your network devices, systems, and applications are performing.  Your software should also allow you to determine how and what you will receive notifications about, so you can take care of any issues that may be developing and solve them before they turn into a problem that affects your business.

Investing in a network monitoring program will save you time and money, and give you the peace of mind that knowing that even though you may not be watching every detail of your business, it is being taken care of securely.