7 Ways To Reduce Paper Consumption In Your Business/Office

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Looking for ways to reduce paper consumption in your business?

According to statistics, the average office employee utilizes about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. It is imperative that businesses should think about the impact of the cost they spend for paper consumption. So, here are 7 practical ways for businesses to follow in reducing paper consumption.

  1. Reuse & Recycle Paper

Yes, you got it right! The simplest way to reduce paper consumption by 50% is to reuse and recycle. This way can not only reduce the consumption of paper in your company but also help save money! You can use both sides of the paper when photocopying documents then shred them after to be used for packing materials for shipment. Keep your boxes and reuse them for storing things or when you have a shipment to send. When you buy new sets of paper, make sure it is recycled.

  1. Encourage Good Printing Practices

In printing documents, you can encourage your employees to use the double-sided printing option. Many employees have some bad habits of printing out materials whenever they want to read something. You can cut the usage of paper by using smaller readable font sizes when printing. Another good practice to follow is to reduce margin settings so that you can print less on paper. Make sure to proofread your work before printing it by using print preview mode to avoid reprinting.

  1. Go Digital

Studies show that 10-30% reduction in paper usage is possible with the proper use of technology. If you are sending out letters, better use emails instead of memos and faxes for announcements. Take advantage of the software used for editing files and proofreading when making changes to draft documents. Install office intranet solutions or electronic data exchange to reduce the need for paper invoices, records, and letters.

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  1. Use Technology For Back Up

You can use less paper by using computers and other forms of technology. There are a lot of opportunities out there for businesses to function without the need for paper. You can store important files on cloud-based storages like Google drive or Dropbox. You can also utilize portable drives for storing files like external hard drives or memory sticks. This can help save storage spaces and reduce filing cabinets in the office.

  1. Think Before You Print

This is a golden rule to be followed. Ask yourself if the presentation you are about to print is necessary or the memo you are about to distribute can be emailed instead. Most of the times, you will find out that your co-workers prefer electronic materials especially if they aren’t for keeping. Print only the important documents like financial statements or important client presentations. Don’t print out huge files or handbooks, instead, opt for PDF copies for them to read.

  1. Maintain Your Equipment

Another contribution to paper waste is paper jams and poor copy printouts. Printers and photocopy machines should be well-maintained and reliable at all times. Always check the level of the inks and condition of the toners. You don’t want to contribute more to paper waste if your equipment is poorly maintained.

  1. Transactions And Communication Should Be Online

If your business deals with a lot of purchases, consider direct deposits online instead of sending cheques or printing out purchase orders. Online transactions are not only efficient in processing purchases but also helps reduce the use of paper.

Why not mandate your staff with the use of emails or instant messaging programs instead of printing memos or leaving post-it notes for important announcements or tasks. Go paperless in giving presentations by using Google slides or PowerPoint presentations.


Apply the above mentioned tips to slowly move to a paperless office. If you still need some quality printing service for business cards, marketing materials like brochures and leaflets, you can simply hire a professional printing company and get rid of hassles of printing in your office and also get huge cost advantage.