6 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

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It’s quite natural that most of us are constantly looking for ways to be more productive. The feeling that we’re not making the most of our time can easily turn into frustration, which, in turn, further decreases our productivity and the vicious circle never gets broken. In order to prevent that from happening, we sometimes have to take a step back, analyze our behaviour, and implement some changes.

Luckily, we are not alone in this struggle, neither are we the first to encounter this problem. Relying on the experience of so many people who have managed to boost their productivity is likely to give us that much-needed confidence and guidance. Here are just some of the many tips that have proven to be quite beneficial.

Reduce commuting time

If you live in a congested city and have to commute on a daily basis, you might want to avoid the rush hour and arrive early for work. Not only will you beat traffic, but you’ll also have more peace in the office to tackle the most important tasks while you’re still fresh and full of energy. You might also need to stay a bit later to finish all the work, but don’t despair. Instead, turn it into an advantage by focusing on the sense of accomplishment and the extra money you’ll make for those extra hours you’ve spent at work.


Always have a plan

If you really want to be more productive, make sure you never leave home for work without knowing what you’re going to do once you arrive at your workplace. To make things run even more smoothly, experts recommend having a to-do list and prioritizing it. Differentiate between urgent and important tasks and don’t let anything distract you before you finish what you’ve planned to do.

Take regular breaks

Although you might think that time away from work is time wasted, nothing can be further from the truth. If you notice that you’re tired and that you have trouble staying focused, it’s only natural to take a break from work. You can take a short walk or do something that would help you unwind. Also, getting out of the work environment will help you re-energize, which is why many people decide to have a lunch break somewhere outside the office building. Find a spot you like and allow your brain to take some rest.

Prevent distractions

It sounds quite logical and perhaps easy to do, but avoiding distractions is something that is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with all the technology and gadgets around us. The allure of social media, chats with friends and those amazing offers if we order something within 24 hours are sometimes impossible to resist, but they take their toll on our productivity. Therefore, we have to remain focused and not succumb to the pressure. Similarly, if you work in an office where people keep coming in and going out, chances are you’ll be distracted. You can use headphones and play some of your favorite music, for example, to prevent being distracted.

Decorate your office

It’s widely accepted that a nicely decorated workspace, either your home office or the one you share with other colleagues, has a positive effect on the level of productivity. Make sure you have enough light and fresh air to begin with. If possible, throw in a plant and a nice floor rug to create a better atmosphere and don’t forget to keep your office clean and tidy at all times.

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Never lose focus

It’s a good idea to have your goals written down somewhere to remind you of what you want to achieve. This will also give you the necessary boost if your spirits are down and you feel that nothing is going according to the plan. Our goals are a powerful motivational tool if used correctly.


Being more productive is almost always possible, but rarely very easy. It takes one’s wish to change their behaviour and determination to succeed, combined with the courage to implement those changes. However, the benefits of improved productivity should most definitely justify the effort.