5 Reasons to Modernize Your Time Tracking Capabilities

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Some companies have a tendency to get stuck in the past even as technology advances. Is your company one of them?

Are you currently using an old, outdated manual time clocking system? Are you falling behind when it comes to utilizing today’s latest and greatest time tracking software?

We’ve come here today to tell you that your old timesheet system is actually costing you time and money. We believe that keeping track of your employees’ time is one of the most important tasks in your business. And knowing exactly how long it takes for your employees to complete certain tasks will help you estimate the time it will take to complete projects, how much you should charge each client per project, and much more.

Are you still on the fence regarding modernizing your time tracking system? We will share five powerful reasons why you need to upgrade to a modern, online tracking system immediately.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Time Tracking System

Manage employee tasks better – are you having a tough time discovering your employees’ greatest strengths and weaknesses? When you begin tracking their time on a per task basis, you’ll immediately begin to see which employees can complete certain tasks faster than others. Time tracking in this manner allows you to utilize your employee strengths and work around their weaknesses. This benefit is going to save hours of time each day, week, month and year. Before long, this accumulated time will add up. You’ll have a chance to use these extra hours to grow and expand your business by using your employees more efficiently.

Create better workflow – by utilizing time tracking software at the task level, your employees are also going to understand their strengths and weaknesses. They’ll immediately know which tasks are going to take them more time, and they can set aside the time needed to successfully complete that part of the project. On the other hand, they can also learn how to work better with their fellow employees. If one employee is assigned a task in which they do not excel, they can pass it along to another employee that does a quicker and better job with said task. And employees can utilize this information as often as needed to create better workflow throughout the office.
Managing payroll more efficiently – did you know that a wide margin of today’s online time tracking software can successfully integrate with many types of payroll software? Payroll has never been easier now that you are utilizing online timesheet software in your business. After you have successfully started using time tracking software, you’ll see how easy it is to pay your employees now that this system is in place. Plus, this type of system guarantees all of your employees are fairly compensated for the time they put in working for your business.
Managing costs – most companies continuously look for ways to cut costs since this will certainly help improve their bottom line. Using time tracking software is a great way to keep track of employee performance, which in the end can help you adjust budgetary and payroll expenses when needed.
Billing clients accurately – when you track employee time at the task level, you’ll know precisely how much time was spent working on each project for your clients. Having this information available to review in report form makes it simple to bill your clients accordingly. And if they ever balk and feel that you aren’t being truthful about the amount of time spent on a particular project, you can show them the time tracking report to make your case.

All in all, modernizing your time tracking capabilities can really help improve your company. You’ll better manage costs, bill clients accurately, manage payroll more efficiently, and much more. So take advantage of this opportunity today.