5 legitimate ways to start making money online quickly

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Let’s face it, no-one really wants to spend the rest of their lives watching the world pass them by while slaving away at a cubicle day in and day out. We all want to do fulfilling work and contribute something meaningful to the world. And if you’re too impatient to wait until you’re in your 60s or in the next vacation before you live your life and experience freedom, then you might want to look into doing online work.

While you might start out performing lots of work for little return, consistent effort will enable you to earn more, support yourself, save and even become seriously rich. Although the online field is more competitive than it used to be, if you have something special to offer and are willing to passionately work hard, then it’s totally possible to make a valid income online that will enable you to not only survive but thrive. In addition, websites like emoneyindeed.com offer free information on how you can stay on top of your game and compete as a digital entrepreneur in the ever-changing online landscape.

One of the perks of working online is the fact that there is no ceiling to your earning potential, as your income grows along with your skill level and experience over time. In fact, there are plenty of online marketers/ entrepreneurs, creatives etc. who make an insane amount of money from selling their services and products online, and we’re about to give you our top 5 list of the most legit and effective sites to help you achieve just that. No scams, no games.

  1. Sell Your Expertise on UpWork

With UpWork, you can sell any type of service you can think of, and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. There are literally opportunities for writers, web developers, accountants, virtual assistants and much, much more, and all you have to do is create a profile to sign up and start bidding for the appropriate jobs. In the beginning, you’ll start by doing low paying jobs, and will probably feel like you’re providing more value than the return you’re receiving. But with consistency, you can build good relationships with clients and get positive reviews that attract better-paying projects. And the more experienced you are with UpWork, the more jobs you’ll get offered to the point where you won’t even have to bid for jobs anymore, and you’ll be able to enjoy a steady flow of projects to work on and make money at any given time, anywhere in the world.

  1. Sell Stuff on eBay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard about serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s #2017 Flip Challenge, where he challenged regular people to start flipping or selling stuff online to generate $20 170 by the end of 2017. The challenge has gone so well that many participants have long surpassed that milestone, and are a great example of how easy it can be to make money from flipping stuff on eBay. Granted, it is a large and busy marketplace, but with a little research, you should be able to figure out what sells and start flipping for a living. It’s possible. Tip: Hire a professional eBay shop designer.

  1. Offer YouTube Video Tutorials

Building a YouTube channel with a large audience takes time so this is definitely not a get-rich-quick option. In fact, it’ll take some time for you to start making an income at all. Of course, an interesting story and some hard work can go a long way in cutting down the time it usually takes to start seeing returns from your initial investment on YouTube. So be sure to create engaging and timeless content that will earn you a passive income in the long run and you’ll be in the money!

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  1. Flip Photos Online

If you consider your self a budding photographer and have a collection of great pictures in your repertoire, then you should definitely consider leveraging your skill. You can use platforms like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto to advertise and sell your photos and create a steady income stream to support your passion.

  1. Rent Your Home through Airbnb

If you have a few extra rooms or an entire property to rent out, then Airbnb can be a great source of passive income for you. You can make even more money if your property is overlooking the ocean or on some desirable location. And to achieve success with Airbnb you have to do your research on what the usual renting rates are so that you can be competitive. Another great way to earn more clients is by posting testimonials from satisfied customers, and you can only get that by providing a great experience to your guests.