4 Compelling Reasons to Start Using PDFs for Business Documents

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What format of documents does your business currently use? DOC (or DOCX)? ODT? RTF? While all of these formats are popular and enjoy widespread use, the document format that you should really be thinking about using for your business documents is actually PDF.

Simply put PDFs have numerous advantages compared to any and all other document formats, and more importantly those advantages could be extremely beneficial for your business. In fact if you aren’t already using PDFs for your business documents, here are 4 compelling reasons why you should start:

  • Preserve formatting and layouts across platforms

It is a safe bet that you’re going to be distributing your business documents both internally and externally, and that people will be viewing them on a variety of different devices and platforms. In most cases the problem with that is the layouts and formatting of the documents can go horribly wrong – but not so with PDF.

Unlike other document formats PDFs will perfectly preserve their formatting and layouts across any and all platforms they’re viewed on. In a nutshell you can rest assured that when a person views your business PDFs they’ll see exactly the same thing you do – regardless of the platform they’re using.

  • Diverse content support

In addition to being able to preserve formatting and layouts, PDFs support a diverse range of content and media. Aside from text, images and hyperlinks, PDFs nowadays can also include vector graphics, audio files, 3D models, buttons, videos, interactive fields, and much more.

The diverse content support of PDFs is particularly important for business documents, as it will provide you with invaluable versatility when creating content. Not only could you generate more effective documents, but you could also use them for more varied reasons.

  • Add security features and verify authenticity

Another important aspect of PDFs is the fact that they have various features that can provide security and help verify the authenticity of your business documents. In terms of security you could even password-protect your PDFs so that they can only be opened by specific people.

Any changes or alterations that are made to PDFs will be recorded, so you can verify it is authentic by checking whether it has been altered. That makes it easy to spot fake documents, and will help you to ensure that your business documents are all correct.

  • Reduce the file size of documents

Because you’re likely to be distributing your business documents via email, online file transfers, or other methods – their file size is important. Lengthy business documents can very quickly become very large, particularly if they include images and other media.

By using PDF documents however you’ll be able to benefit greatly from its compression and optimization, which can shrink the file size of your documents by a considerable margin. As such you’ll be able to transfer your documents more easily, and ensure they comply with any other file size limitations (such as the ones on email attachments).

All the reasons listed above should make a clear case for using PDF for your business documents. However it is worth noting that there is one drawback that you should know as well: PDFs can be difficult to edit and alter due to the fact that paid software can be very expensive, and free options lack features.

The good news is if you want a simple PDF editor that can help you with most of the needs of your business documents, Movavi PDF Editor will be a good choice. It is an easy-to-use and affordable PDF editor that will supply you with the basic features you need to alter your PDFs.

If you want you can use it as a PDF joiner by just clicking the ‘Merge Files’ button and choosing the PDFs that you want to merge then arranging them in the right order. It is equally easy to use the other features in Movavi PDF Editor to remove pages, rearrange them, add images, or extract individual pages.

All in all Movavi PDF Editor will give you access to essential features that you can use to add to PDFs, create new PDFs out of existing documents, or manage the pages of scanned PDF documents. If you’re thinking about using PDF for your business documents, it is a great tool to have up your sleeve.