3 ways social video marketing can propel your brand

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What is social video marketing?

Social video marketing is a form of marketing media scheme designed to gain more audience attention and get them engaged in your business using a video clip.

The success of a marketing video does not necessarily depend on the number of people that clicked the share button, but on the number of sales made after the video was uploaded. Though sharing contributes greatly to the use of social marketing video, it needs to be shared to the targeted audience and leads to a higher number of sales.

An example of social marketing video:

A perfect example for social marketing video is DayItForward by Chevrolet. The automobile giant Chevrolet was quick and smart to adopt the new age marketing technique, to give it an edge above other companies. For this campaign, Chevrolet released multiple videos to promote cooperative feelings, creativity and as well, as paint a colorful brand image.

The best way to get into peoples’ mind these recent days is to make them learn through fun. Most people watch videos these days, a few number still reads articles and promotional campaigns. Instead of leveraging humor more like the Apple video, it prompts empathy with viewers. Chevrolet saw the ability to catch feelings while watching a video as an opportunity to promotes its brand, those feelings come to play when consumers think about the brand. Chevrolet had the campaign to be a success because the video entertained the consumer at the same time informs them about the brand.

Why we need to do social video marketing to propel your brand:

Social videos, unlike other viral videos, convert connection and feelings into better sales. Study have shown that emotional connections improve the trust and loyalty people give to your brand, and social marketing videos helps create this level of confidence in the consumer mind and make them see a reason why you are the best person to provide their required services.

The positive impression they already have through the video will play a vital role in affecting their decision-making during purchase. Emotional connections create a smooth conversation between the seller and the final consumer, and this emotional connection is what social marketing videos provide. People relate and respond better to social driven messages, as people are getting bored of a writing of printed advertisements and marketing techniques. Smart actions are made when people get informed in an advanced and modern way, which makes them feel safer and more exposed to the modern and effective ways of getting things done.

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3 ways social video marketing can propel your brand

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